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QR Codes Viruses – Should We Panic?

In the last days an alert of a QR code virus was spread in the Internet. Twitter was full of warnings regarding the QR code virus, including tweets suggesting that this will kill QR codes. Various links covered the issue … Continue reading

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Fighting Brand Piracy Using QR Codes

Forgery of goods and using known brand names for fake products is a growing phenomenon. Actually the subject of brand piracy is practically present in almost every area of daily life. It includes consumer goods like fashion, food, beverages, industrial … Continue reading

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QR codes for Real Estate

If you have any connection to real estate marketing, you probably can’t miss the new hype surrounding QR codes. Their appearance is growing on real estate printed material, on real estate signs and even on realtor’s websites. Many of these … Continue reading

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Why Marketers Should Embrace QR Codes

I really enjoyed reading the  Why Marketers Shouldn’t Waste Their Time With QR Codes article. It tells the story of a giant rat that made it and a CueCat that didn’t. The analogy between QR codes and CueCats, both trying … Continue reading

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