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QR codes versus NFC

For a quite obscured reason to me and perhaps because of some bad QR code experiences, many love to see NFC as the killer of QR code, if not its evolved successor. The fact that Google stopped its support for … Continue reading

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QR Codes Versus Data Matrix

Unlike 1D codes where all information can be found in one cut through the code, 2D codes need a second dimension since they contain many different ‘lines’ of data. Among the most popular 2D codes are the QR codes and … Continue reading

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Decorating a QR Code – Part Two

After dealing in previous post with neutral (non damaging QR code data) decorative means, we are going to look at more aggressive means and learn their possible effect. We will try to estimate their damage amount and ways to control … Continue reading

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Drawing on the QR Code

Drawing on the QR code Before drawing an image on the QR code, and after finding a good location for the image – we must take some measures to assure that our final result will be still decodable. The fact … Continue reading

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